11. Ignoring Your Skin Type "I love scooping up makeup just as much as the next gal. But going about it with reckless abandon can mean getting stuck with products that don't work for your skin. For example, "if someone is oily, I am going to use a different set of primer, base foundation, and concealer," says makeup artist Marissa Hohner"

 - Carolyn Steber, Bustle (BDG Media, Inc.)


"11 Genius Things To Do When It’s Raining So Your Hair And Makeup Stay Looking Great"

1. Be All About That Primer "If you don't use a makeup primer, a rainy day is the perfect time to start. Simply dab a small amount all over your face, and watch in awe as it smooths your skin. It'll ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day, Chicago-based makeup artist Marissa Hohner tells me. A totally worthwhile step, if you ask me." 

2. Embrace The Dewy Look "Embrace the dewy look by applying a tinted moisturizer. It'll give you coverage without melting or getting all smeary, Hohner tells me."

7. Skip The Powder ""Cream blush gives a more dewy effect when applied, which will pair perfectly with a rainy/humid day," Hohner says."

8. Go Natural On Your Eyes "...rainy days aren't exactly the best time for a complicated eye — unless you want shadow and mascara running down your cheeks. So go ahead and skip the extras, Hohner tells me, and stick to a simple swipe of waterproof mascara."

- Carolyn Steber, Bustle (BDG Media, Inc.)


"7 Common Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Makes"

Skipping The Trial: "Marissa Hohner of Sugar Skull Makeup Chicago says that makeup trials are essential for every bride. "Some women want to forego this step, but it truly is so helpful in the end for both the makeup artist and the bride," Marissa says. "The trial allows the makeup artist to get to know the bride better, and the bride will feel so much more comfortable seeing a familiar face walk in on what can be a stressful day. The trial also allows the makeup artist to understand the bride's preferences, coloring, skin type, and beauty goals before the big day. A makeup trial before the bride's wedding day is an absolute MUST!"."

-Linda DiProperzio, She Finds


"17 Beauty Experts Share 3 Beauty Secrets From The 1920's"

"In the 1920s Clara Bow made the "Cupid's bow" lip her signature look. Over-lining is a technique that is still used today to create the illusion of a fuller lip. Long-wear products allow the user to rock a bold lip confidently for hours on end without having to re-apply throughout the night. The highlighter can also be used on the Cupid's bow to accentuate the lip color, create a fuller lip, and give that always sought after "glow"."

"...women began pairing their powdered faces with bright colored "rouges". The shapes in which "rouge", more commonly known today as "blush", has changed from a circular application on the apples of cheeks to a more angular application on the cheek bone, but the bright raspberry and orange tones are back in style today. With proper application, colorful blush can result in a bold and "glowy" look!"

"...Pairing a liquid liner on the top lid with a creme pencil liner on the bottom lid gives a dramatic, smokey and trendy finish. You can also emulate this twenties trend by applying a thin stroke of creme pencil liner on the upper lash line and an equally thin line along the bottom lash line without connecting the lines. This technique makes your eyes look wider and more awake."

-Minuca Elena, 42 Dubonnet


Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger

Professional makeup artist, Bustle beauty expert, and owner of Sugar Skull Makeup Marissa Hohner says, “Cream blushes, cream eyeshadow, cream highlighters will all give you a younger appearance.” The cream adds hydration to your skin. “The more moisturized your skin looks, the younger your skin appears,” Hohner says.

Hohner has an additional concealer tip: Set with powder! “By using a lightweight, loose, translucent powder to set your under-eye concealer, you will prevent your concealer from creasing and accentuating any crow’s feet or fine lines under and around the eye.”

“Great makeup always starts with a base of a strong skincare routine,” Hohner says. She recommends cleansing twice a day and exfoliating a few times a week—no matter your age. For an extra youthful look, add some vitamin C to your routine. “Using products with vitamin C in them promotes collagen growth in your skin, balances out discoloration/sun spots and prevents/tightens the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the skin.”

- Amber Petty, HealthyWay Media